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2nd July 2021

The 2021 Four Oaks trade show has been cancelled due to the continuing pandemic.

15th June 2021

The committee held a meeting on June 14th in the chairman's glasshouse, where social distancing was possible. It was agreed that summer visits were still impractical, and that prospects for a winter season of talks were virtually non existant. A further committee meeting was pencilled in for September.

1st January 2021

Happy New Year to all our members. No chance for the club to make any plans yet, as we are in Tier 4, and the pandemic shows no sighn of abating. All we can do is keep waiting and keep safe.

25th August 2020

The SHGC committee held a socially distanced meeting on August 24th to formally agree that members subscriptions due on September 1st would be waived, and that existing memberships would be extended for one year. Although there are currently no plans for meetings during the 2020 - 2021 winter season, it is hoped that it may be possible to resume summer visits and events in 2021.

19th July 2020

The Growers Club website has now been re-hosted on a secure server in accordance with current best practice. The URL is now https://www.growersclub.org.uk although the old URL will still work.

12th May 2020

The Zoom virtual committee meeting trial has been discontinued due to lack of interest and a change in the Zoom operating policy which makes it less convenient.

11th May 2020

The proposed visit to Tim Wayman's arboretum has been postponed until 2021

18th April 2020

The committee are planning to hold virtual committee meetings using Zoom. This should enable to club to operate normally even under a protracted lockdown.

18th March 2020

Committee meetings have been suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

6th March 2020

The meeting scheduled for Monday 9th March has had to be cancelled due the speaker being unable to attend.

25th February 2020

Members are reminded that the Spalding Gentlemen's Society lecture on Friday is "Plant Breeding - A Vital Technology" by Dr Richard Tudor, Plant Breeding Manager at Elsoms Seeds.

6th February 2020

The meeting scheduled for February 10th has been cancelled as the speaker is unable to attend.

11th December 2019

The date for the January meeting has been changed to the 20th.

12th September 2019

The visit to Garford Farm Machinery has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

6th September 2019

Members are reminded that the Spalding Gentlemen's Society programme of fortnightly lectures starts on Friday 13 September. The lectures are held at the Spalding Grammar School, starting at 7.30 pm. See link for details.

28th August 2019

Full details of the visit to Garford Farm Machinery Ltd are now available here.

19th August 2019

Please note that the venue for the post Town Walk buffet has been changed to the Lincolnshire Poacher.

20th July 2019

More events of interest to members added to the Diary page.

12th June 2019

The programme for the National Cut Flower Centre Open Day is now on their website, including the all-important hog roast at 19.40 hrs.

18th May 2019

The visit to Garfords Farm Machinery has been rescheduled for later in the season when there will be more to see.

17th May 2019

The Diary page is filling up with events of interest to members. Remember to keep an eye on it.

19th April 2019

Members of the SHGC will be interested in the following news article

9th April 2019

See the Visits page to see the updated summer 2019 programmme.

1st April 2019

The Spalding Gentlemen's Society public lecture programme for 2019/2020 includes one of particular interest to our members. On 28th February 2020, Dr Richard Tudor, Plant Breeding Manager at Elsoms Seeds, will give a talk entitled Plant Breeding - a Vital Technology

12th March 2019

The 2018/2019 winter program was rounded off last night with a very interesting and well attended talk by Richard Hindley on the impact of Brexit on plant health legislation. Many thanks Richard for such a clear presentaion of the likely effects of the different outcomes.

The committee is busy planning a series of summer visits and winter talks for the coming seasons. Keep checking the website for updates.

15th August 2018

We now have Full Details of the Peterborough Town Walk.

18th July 2018

The Town Walk this year will be the "Crime & Punishment" walk in Peterborough on August 24th.

14th July 2017

The National Cut Flower Centre will hold their open day and hog roast on Wednesday 9th August. Please note that the details on the events page on their website are for the 2016 event. The correct details are here

12th July 2017

Bridge Greenhouses Northern Office has moved to Hull. New contact details are on the Sponsors page.

16th May 2017

The committee have decided that the winter 2017/18 season of talks will be held at The Jolly Farmer in Moulton Chapel, subject to confirmation of the arrangements. The pub has a suitable back room for the meetings and a good bar, so meets the essential requirements of the club.

24th March 2017

The proposed visit to Neame Lea Nursery is confirmed for 10.30 a.m. Saturday 8th April.

13th March 2017

Details of some of the planned Spring and Summer Visits are now avilable.

1st March 2017

On the 6th April new Main Residence Nil Rate Band rules are being introduced which will affect Inheritance Tax. Darren Wakefield will cover this topic instead of Pensions Freedom originally planned in his talk on March 13th.

21st February 2017

An excellent talk last night on 'Grants for Farmers and Growers' by Robin Turney. The service we recived the Whaplode Manor Hotel, however, was not of an acceptable standard. Consequently, the next meeting on March 13th will be held at the Moulton Mill at the usual time of 7.30 p.m.

13th January 2017

The Links page now has a link to the Environment Agency flood warning page.

9th January 2017

The Growers Club enjoyed an excellent talk on internet security from Phil Callow who also answered numerous questions from the members.

1st January 2017

Happy New Year everyone

Don't forget our next meeting on Monday, January 9th. We all use the internet more and more for business, and staying secure is vital. Phil Callow will be giving a talk on how to stay protected, and will answer questions afterwards. Too important to miss!

13th December 2016

At the AGM held on Monday 12th December 2016, Don Wilson retired as Chairman, and Mark Rowland was elected in his place.

9th October 2016

Details of the programme of winter meetings have now been added to the website. Please note that the November meeting will be held at the Springfields Conference Centre, and the December AGM at Moulton Mill.

26th September 2016

The SHGC winter programme will be held at the Whaplode Manor Hotel as in previous years. It is intended, however, to hold the AGM in Moulton Mill.

20th August 2016

The SHGC enjoyed an excellent guided tour of Bourne yesterday evening, culminating in a tour of the Baldock's Mill Heritage Centre. An evening full of interest and much enjoyed by all who attended.

16th August 2016

The meeting scheduled for November 14th will feature the NFU President, Meurig Raymond. This meeting will be hosted by the NFU and will be held in the Springfields Conference Centre to cater for the anticipated attendance. Further details to follow.

16th August 2016

The Whaplode Manor Hotel will be under new ownership from October, so this offers the society another option for hosting the meetings for the coming sason.

22nd July 2016

Photos from the 2016 Flying Evening are now available on the SHGC Flickr account.

12th July 2016

The owners of the Whaplode Manor Hotel are retiring at the end of this year and the hotel will close on the 4th December. The SHGC committee have been considering the options for a new meeting place and favour Moulton Mill. This will offer a suitable room for meetings, accessible by lift, plenty of parking in the imediate vicinity, and an excellent watering hole just across the road. Negotiations are currently under way.

17th June 2016

Details of the visit to Jack Buck Farms have now been added. Prompt booking is advised as numbers are limited.

14th June 2016

Members will shortly receive the a form for booking places on the Flying Evening. It promises to be a popular event, so please book promptly. A copy of the booking form is attached.

17th May 2016

Details of the spring and summer visits have been updated. The proposed visit to Neame Lea has been postponed until 2017.

31st March 2016

The details for the visit to Wiggenhall St Germans Pumping Station can be found here. Early booking essential.

8th March 2016

The Visits page has been updated to include several confirmed and provisional visits for the coming months.

8th March 2016

The committee are considering sponsoring a debate on the pros and cons of the potential Brexit in relation to the agricultural sector.

19th February 2016

Full details of the 2016 Flying Evening are now on the website. Pre-booking and payment required.

20th January 2016

Full details of the 2016 guided town walk are now available. Please make a note in your diary as it promises to be a very interesting evening.

15th December 2015

The SHGC AGM was held on the 14th December at the Whaplode Manor Hotel. The existing officers and committee were all re-elected unoposed. After an illustrated talk on "Wild Animals of the Wild West" by Alan Knight, members enjoyed an excellent finger buffet and the chance to chat and socialise.

3rd November 2015

Member has modern glassnouse available for rent. For details see Buy & Sell page.

12th September 2015

Photos of the chilli trial visit are now on Flickr

4th September 2015

Visitors to the chilli trial will find better car parking at the house than on the holding.

Monday 6:30 for those who have forgotten

Slight refreshments will be served.

23rd August 2015

Chilli trial visit details confirmed

7th July 2015

The Flying Evening scheduled for July 21st has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

6th July 2015

Member has Wanjet F30 Mister for sale. See "Buy & Sell" page

27th April 2015

A dozen menbers paid a very interesting and enjoyable visit to the John Innes Centre on Saturday. A selection of photos from the visit can be viewed on the club's Flickr account.

17th April 2015

Details of 2015 Flying Night are now available here

25th March 2015

Growers visit to the John Innes Centre arranged for 2.00 p.m. Saturday 25th April. Details to follow.

16th December 2014

A replacement meeting for the 5th January has now been arranged. Peter Bingham of Kingfisher Nurseries has kindly agreed to step in at short notice with a talk on improving nursery performance, a subject that could benefit us all.

8th December 2014

The meeting on the 5th January has had to be changed due to the non-availability of the speaker. If a replacement speaker cannot be found in time, there will be a forum. Watch this space.

23rd August 2014

The Growers Club now has its own Flickr account. It is called "South Holland Growers" and will feature photos of the club's visits and social events. Click on the link to view.

29th July 2014

Revised details of winter meetings.

17 th July 2014

Details of early winter meetings added.

26 th April 2014

A club member has a quantity of field sprinklers foe sale. See the 'Buy & Sell' page.

15 th April 2014

A flying evening has been booked for the 22nd July. Further details on the Visits page.

6 th December 2013

Buy & Sell page updated

31st October 2013

Guy Poskitt has been secured as the speaker for the meeting on 18th November

24th October 2013

Details of the meeting on 18th November subject to change due to non-availability of speaker. The revised talk is likely to be of a similar nature to the original.

9th October 2013

Full details of more of the winter meetings have now been added.

5th October 2013

Bell Brothers have cancelled the visit scheduled for 30th November

9th September 2013

On Wednesday 11th September there will be an HDC Lily Event at Winchester Growers. Starts 5.00 p.m., ends about 7.30 p.m.

5th September 2013

Random Image Generator updated.

3rd September 2013

Details of visit to Staples Biodigester and Packhouse added.

20th August 2013

Details of Folkingham town visit are now on the Visits page

16th July 2013

Time is running out to book your place for the tour and BBQ at Nick Watts Farm. Seems too good to miss with the weather so settled.

11th June 2013

The 2013/2014 winter program is taking shape and some provisional details have been listed on the appropriate page. Talks which have not yet been allocated a firm date are not listed.

17th April 2013

The website now has a page with details of courses & events held by the Spalding Horticultural Training Group.

19th March 2013

Proposed topics for the 2013/2014 winter season include the application of robotics in horticulture, biological control of plant diseases, and alternative energy sources. Details will follow as they become available.

19th March 2013

The meeting dates for the 2013/2014 winter season will run from the 21st October to the 3rd March.

18th January 2013

The committee have made good progress in creating an interesting and varied program for the 2013/2014 winter season, but suggestions for subjects are still welcome. Members can pass their ideas on to any member of the committee.

17th December 2012

At the SHGC AGM, the existing officers and committee were re-elected unopposed, with the exception of Brian Taylor who wished to retire. The new webmaster, Mark Rowland, was elected to the committee in his place. After the official business was completed, a good turnout of members enjoyed an illustrated talk on her travels in South East Asia by Rebecca Schofield.

13th October 2012

Links for some 2013 shows are on the Diary page

10th October 2012

Details of more meetings added.

11th September 2012

Further detsils of the first two meetings of the winter season added.

4th September 2012

Google Analytics have now been installed on the website to track visitor numbers and useage.

13th August 2012

The flying night at Fenland airfield was very successful with 24 flights, 27 meals and 5 children. A similar event is likely to be held next year.

Details of the winter programme of meetings have been updated, with the dates of two meetings changed.

31st July 2012

The Flying Night has been moved to Thursday 2nd August due to the weather. Late bookings are still possible.

26th July 2012

The booking period for the Flying Night has been extended - see details on the "Visits" page.

17th July 2012

Details of the popular Flying Night, including the menus, are now on the website. Bookings and payments to Mike Farmer by the 24th, please.

For those who have misplaced their copy, the July 2012 newsletter is now available to download.

29th May 2012

The website has been moved to a new server and is now fully functional (E&OE). Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

The site was created using Open Source Software - Bluefish HTML editor and FileZilla FTP client, on a computer running Linux Mint.

14th May 2012

The SHGC website is now operated by a new webmaster, and is currently being revamped.